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Is your team made of brilliant scientists but they struggle to work with one another?
Are you looking to improve your company's culture? engagement?


Our Goals

Hart & Chin offers consulting services for organizations that focuses on scientists and their needs. Starting with an assessment of an organization's current status, recommendations are then made to optimize leadership development. The goal is to enhance the awareness of the teams' dynamic and find opportunities to maximize the situation they are in.

Target Audience

Leadership development consulting is provided for organizations that heavily involved in science and with scientists that are looking to improve their teams' ability to collaborate, communicate, and lead.



"Speaking with Juliet helped me to recognize that soft skills are the essence and clearest manifestation of self-improvement...In my opinion, other postdocs and scientists like me and their organizations would extremely benefit if they would have time to learn to improve their interpersonal skills with a professional coach like Juliet."

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